Fitness Babes: Who Are They?

If you use the Instagram app, chances are you are familiar with these girls. They like to show off their perfect athletic bodies and admirable physical skills in the gym setting. Followed by millions of users excited about staying in shape, these models know the secrets of effective motivation. 

And exercise machines are not their only passion. There are amateurs, ballerinas, famous coaches and TV personalities who all fit into the “fitness girl” category. Attractive and sporty, some of them make a profit advertising gym wear or even selling their own exercise apps. 


The page of a typical fitness girl includes countless flattering photographs accentuating their ripped muscles or sexy glutes. Some post stories and videos of themselves doing exercise routines. Some claim to be providing reliable nutritional advice or promote themselves as gym coaches. Here are a few of the biggest Instagram fitness stars.

1.Katie Sonier

This girl is keen on glute exercises. Based in Miami, this trainer is a passionate expert in glute-focused weightlifting and hip thrusts. As an ex-gymnast, she is extremely flexible and regularly amazes her followers with incredible handstands, pull-ups, and warm-up stretching routines. 



2.Lauren Simpson 

This girl is no amateur. Previously a world champion bikini competitor, she is a bonafide expert when it comes to gaining muscle mass and burning fat. Lauren has a healthy and balanced approach to exercise and nutrition, which is another thing that makes her stand out. 



3.Melissa Alcantara 

This fitness guru is the personal trainer of Kim Kardashian West. She is a powerhouse expert that never ceases to inspire. Her posts motivate millions of women to go beyond their perceived limits.

4.Krissy Cela

This girl is focused on both strength and resistance, producing videos with training routines for beginners and pros alike. Cela has launched her own fitness app called Tone & Sculpt, which features planning programs for exercise and meals.



5.Natacha Oceane 

This girl with a perfect gym body looks at health, fitness, and diet from a scientific point of view, which is quite rare. She studied biophysics and provides valuable insights into the right techniques and meal plans. Her Instagram account offers bits of her plyometric and strength routines, and her YouTube channel has a lot of video content. 



Word of Caution

Today, Instagram is a powerful promotion tool open to everyone. With a professional photographer and a clever strategy, self-made fitness goddesses attract wide audiences. 

The natural drawback of this easy accessibility is that anyone can post advice and sell whatever they are producing, whether it is goods or services, including fitness guidance. This poses a threat to people who want to look fit but are careless with their sources.

Some of the fitness models have a proper educational background in the field of sports and nutrition, while others are dabblers eager to supply their dubious guidance. These girls may post videos of exercises done incorrectly, and sell nutritional advice despite a complete lack of professional expertise. 


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