Camel Burger? Typical food in UAE

Today, UAE is a truly cosmopolitan travel destination offering countless attractions for foreign visitors. One of the things making the United Arab Emirates so special is its incredible cuisine. It is a fusion of Asia and the Middle East, with an array of spicy dishes. 

In cities most popular with travelers – Dubai and Abu Dhabi, finding a truly authentic local food is now a challenge. However, searching for true Emirate food is a worthy quest. Your efforts will be rewarded with a kaleidoscope of unique tastes. Some of the conventional food staples in the country are camel meat and dairy, fish, rice, dates, and, of course, the inevitable spices. 


Bzar, the famous local spice mix, includes cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, ginger, coriander, and other incredible flavors. In fact, many Emirate families devise and use their own special variations of bzar. In terms of the best local dishes, keep an eye out for this top four.

Stuffed Camel

This is probably the biggest dish you will see in your lifetime. An incredible invention of locals, it is featured in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most enormous dishes on the planet. As it is normally served as part of wedding rituals, you will be extremely lucky to get a chance to try it. 

The sheer list of ingredients is impressive enough. You need a camel, a lamb, no fewer than twenty chickens, fish, rice, and boiled eggs, among other things. Eating roasted camel is an astonishing experience you will never forget.

Al Harees

Containing just meat and wheat, this dish has unparalleled exotic flavor. Simple yet elegant, it requires relatively long cooking time. Al Harees is normally served during weddings, Eid and Ramadan. The two ingredients are first boiled together for several hours until they turn into a paste. Next, the dish is placed in a special clay pot with coal and left to cook for the night.


This is simply the most eaten dish in UAE. Its popularity has spread to Asia and elsewhere. Made of chicken or lamb meat, it includes tomatoes, fries, garlic sauce, and pickles all wrapped up in Arabic Roti. Shawarma is reminiscent of kebab. It is important to note that exact preparation methods vary between restaurants. In the past, locals would order the mouth-watering dish with a peculiar drink made of blended banana and strawberry. 

Al Machboos

This amazing dish contains meat, onion and dried lemon, with salt and spices on top. All of the ingredients are first boiled. Next, meat is taken out, and rice is added to the mixture for further cooking. Finally, the meat is returned to the rice and veggie mix and cooked for a couple of extra hours. Do not miss this amazing delicacy.


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