Is it best to buy a clock or make it?

If you are looking for a classic model to present to your boss, creativity is hardly relevant. If you want the clock to reflect your very special personality, try building it yourself! When done well, handmade wall decor is an incredible addition to your home. Here are a few classy ideas to make your DIY not only effective but fun!

To make your own clock, you need to get a suitable base and buy a clock kit. The making of a wall clock involves three simple steps, and if you are careful enough, the result will be amazing. 

Step 1. Supplies

Purchase the right materials for your hand-made work. The base can be almost anything, from wood to plywood to metal. Do not stick to the conventional round shape – try thinking outside the box. The mechanism can be large or small, trendy or traditional. Choose a size and a color that best suits your project. A local craft store will offer a wide variety of supplies.

Step 2. Drilling

You need to drill a hole in the base for the shaft of mechanism to pass through it. This is hardly a challenging task. The base may first be decorated. Here, you can let your imagination run wild. Paint it or google creative clock base designs. You can also make your numbers look special, or use no numbers at all.  

Step 3. Assembly

Put the parts together in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Now hang the clock and impress your family and guests. 


Here are ten incredibly creative ideas that are sure to spur your imagination in action. 

  1. A heart-warming clock made out of family pictures.
  2. A minimalist clock made of wooden sticks arranged in a round shape.
  3. A clock made of magazines and newspapers tightly rolled and twisted around the center.
  4. A clock made of men’s ties with different patterns.
  5. A 3D clock that changes shape as the hands move.
  6. A kitchen-themed clock made of an old can and an old whisk.
  7. A clock made of picture frames with pieces of different design paper inside. 
  8. A clock made of an old embroidery hoop with a piece of fabric and a few vintage buttons.
  9. A clock made of a wheel.
  10. A clock with dice instead of numerals. Do the maths and tell the time!
  11. An artistic clock with drawings glued onto the base. 
  12. A silhouette clock with the shape of a man cut out. 
  13. A clock made of old wooden board that is colorfully painted.
  14. A cute crocheted clock with butterflies on its face.
  15. A clock made of an old colander. perfect for the kitchen!
  16. A huge wall clock with sneakers instead of the numbers. No base needed!
  17. A clock made of an old book.
  18. A clock with adorable little teacups around the face.
  19. A brightly-colored plastic bowl turned into a clock.
  20. An old clock decorated with spray-painted slices of toilet paper rolls.


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