Inexpensive But Useful Kitchen Tools

Today, it is possible to cook delicious food without fancy kitchen equipment. Those colorful stand mixers and Dutch ovens are nice-looking and functional, but definitely not essential. Consider these ten tools which will upgrade your cooking without hurting your wallet. These are the utensils that everyone needs. 

1. Vegetable Peeler

This is one of the bare necessities. A good peeler can last for years, despite its modest price tag. Simple and lightweight, it will be used in the kitchen on a daily basis. A reliable peeler may cost as little as five dollars.

2. Whisks

Similarly, buy a set of whisks to have a few sizes at hand. One day, you may need the tiniest one, and the next day, the balloon-type will be indispensable. There is no need for a fancy mixer. From eggs for your omelet to cookie dough, these modest tools can handle many tasks. 

3. Kitchen Shears

These are specially-designed scissors for your kitchen. There is no need to splurge on the fanciest models. An inexpensive pair may last for a decade. 

4. Silicone Spatulas

Made of a single piece of silicone, they are easily washable. The silicone is supported by a metal piece, which prevents overbending. Again, it is best to purchase a set of different sizes. 

5. Wooden Spoons

Wood is an incredible material for spoons. Why? They can be used regardless of the cookware – whether it is cast iron, stainless steel, or anything else. They leave no scratches and are made of 100 natural material. Stocking up on such spoons is a reasonable idea.

6. Tongs

Tongs are designed for gripping and lifting of food instead of holding it with hands. Whether you are preparing, cooking, or serving, these things are extremely useful. It is a versatile kitchen tool which is among the most popular. Be sure to have a couple of pairs in your possession.

7. Microplane

Microplane is a wonderful grater, and you will find yourself using it practically all the time. It can handle ginger, garlic, chocolate, lemon, and cheese, aside from everything else. Microplane is a versatile and durable utensil. 

8. Fish spatula

Despite the name, this tool is not limited to the cooking of fish dishes. In comparison with an ordinary spatula, it is wider and longer. You will find flipping of anything from pancakes to meat much easier. 

9. Instant-read thermometer

This is an essential tool for meat-eaters, as you need to monitor the temperature closely for a well-cooked steak. Whether it is pork chops or roast chicken, the thermometer will make your life much easier. 

10. Fine Mesh Strainer

You will appreciate the benefits of a good strainer when it is time to rinse grains, sift powdered sugar, or strain nut milk. Buy yourself a set of these and you will always have a handy tool of the right size. 


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